Denomination: Rosé Wine Varietal: Nebbiolo 100% Vineyard location: Verduno, La Morra Yield: 80 q. / hectare Harvest: second ten days of October Vinification: after a careful de-stalking, a quick maceration brings about the right intensity and color tone, followed by a rapid racking which leads to a white fermentation under constant low temperature control (max.20°C), in order to preserve the acidity and freshness of the wine.  The entire process, deliberately short, takes place in stainless steel containers. Organoleptic characteristics: a young reinterpretation of nebbiolo, the brilliance of the pink tone immediately underlines the fresh exuberance of this wine. A deliberate sugary residue gives the right softness to the flavor balancing the acidity.  This is a style which should appeal to wine drinkers of any age. Pairings: Created to accompany light, fresh summertime dishes like fish or vegetables, the wine also pairs well with finger food and appetizers. Delightful when paired with chocolate desserts as well. Download the technical information for our Rosè