The vineyards are the real asset of the company, the heart of our business.

The vineyards, located in the best crus of Verduno: La Morra and Roddi d’Alba. Nebbiolo is predominantly grown here, but there is a significant presence of all the typical grapes of the area, such as Dolcetto, Barbera and Pelaverga. We follow each of them with care and attention to detail: we’ve adopted a system of pruning aimed at limiting yield and we use organic fertilization. We combat diseases using integrated control.

Our vineyards – most of which we own (rather than rent) – extend on all sides of the hills. The slope, nature and structure of the soil, sun exposure and the unique microclimates are the basic elements that go into our making great wines.

To these we add the experience of the winemaker, passed down from generation to generation adding modern management techniques, the continuous research and the special relationship with the vine – growing day by day, personally following every part of the production chain.

Our wines come from a privileged relationship with the vineyard, and interpret all the peculiarities and nuances of the land.